A red line for Switzerland

In a petition, the STP and partner organizations are calling for a red line for Swiss economic policy: no further development of the free trade agreement without substantial inclusion of human rights!

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STP on the road

We’re on the road

We are currently out and about with stand campaigns and door-to-door visits.

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Hands off the Amazon!

The STP is supporting Indigenous communities to demand their rights, and to protect the Brazilian rainforest against deforestation, mining and industrial agriculture.


Arctic life, indigenous rights now!

Climate change, melting ice, mining of raw materials as well as criminalisation and human rights violations against indigenous communities: The STP supports indigenous peoples so that they can exercise their rights and protect the Arctic as a habitat and ecosystem.

Photo: Allegra Ally

A Nenets girl in Siberia with a reindeer. A Nenets girl in Siberia with a reindeer.


#NoComplicity: Human Rights in China

Rights for Uyghur and Tibetan communities – in China and in Switzerland!


Chechen Archive: coming to terms with war crimes

The Chechen archive is a basis for coming to terms with war crimes and for combating impunity.

Eine tschetschenische Frau trauert um die Opfer des Krieges Eine tschetschenische Frau trauert um die Opfer des Krieges


For the rights of Roma, Sinti and Yenish

The STP campaign "Stop Antiziganism" campaigns for the rights of Roma, Sinti and Yenish.

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We take a stand for the rights of Indigenous communities and minorities worldwide. Here, you will find all the regions in which we are currently active.

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We work with our partner organisations conscientiously and on an equal footing. Find out more about our wide range of key topics.

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They are taking action for the rights of minorities, Indigenous ways of life and threatened ecosystems – and changing the world. We spoke with these courageous people. Read their stories here.

We are the STP

As an independent international human rights organisation, we take a stand for persecuted minorities and Indigenous communities.

We document human rights violations, inform the public, raise awareness and protect the interests of affected groups to authorities and decision-makers.

We support local efforts to strengthen the human rights of minorities and Indigenous communities, and work both nationally and internationally with organisations and individuals who pursue similar goals.

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