We’re on the road

You might bump into us in the streets one of these days: we have just started our new collaboration with the agency “Brave fundraising”

Our new campaign starts on 26 February, during which you will find us out and about in the streets and neighbourhoods. You can meet us at our stands in highly frequented places (such as in front of Bern railway station) or when our team comes knocking on your door.

The aim of this new campaign is to gain new members who want to support us in protecting human rights and donate to indigenous communities and minorities.


We work together with the agency “Brave Fundraising GmbH”, which provides the employees. They have been trained by us beforehand and are perfectly equipped to inform you about all our projects and work.

They are all in possession of an employee ID card stating that they work for the Society for Threatened Peoples and are not allowed to accept cash.

The home visits deliberately take place outside regular working hours to avoid disturbances and to increase the likelihood of meeting you.

If you have any questions / concerns, please contact us on:

+41 (0) 31 939 00 00 /// info@gfbv.ch

We look forward to meeting you! 😊

STP Switzerland

On the road for us

One of our teams that cover residential areas and come present our work directly at your door:

Brave Werber-innen 2024

Left to right: Silas, Aland, Gian, Keyf, Markus, Lynn, Bernhard, Noah, Vanessa, Chiara, Pedro

This team will be present at our stand campaigns:

STA Team Brave

Left to right: Evan, Anil, Andrin, Gianin, Yannick, Oliver

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