Indigenous communities

The STP works closely with Indigenous communities and organisations. What does ‘Indigenous’ mean though? And what connects different Indigenous communities?

Foto: Amazon Watch

munduruku-knabe-brasilien munduruku-knabe-brasilien

The STP works closely with Indigenous partners and organisations to support their struggle for Indigenous self-determination, human rights and protection of their habitat. Indigenous communities live in different regions and adhere to different ways of life, but they are often confronted with similar problems. Here, you can find out what Indigenous communities have in common, which of their rights are systematically disregarded, and which international mechanisms and conventions the STP is drawing on to fight for the rights of Indigenous communities together with its partners.

More on the topic

Indigenous communities around the world are fighting for self-determination and their habitat. Learn more about the situation in the Amazon, in the Arctic and about the situation of Indigenous communities against the backdrop of the energy transition.

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