Occupied Tibet

The human rights situation in occupied Tibet is extremely precarious. Even in Switzerland, Tibetans are increasingly confronted with repression by the Chinese regime.

Photo : Hanno Schedler

Tibetdemo in Genf Bild: Hanno Schedler Tibetdemo in Genf Bild: Hanno Schedler

The human rights situation in Tibet, which has been occupied for over 60 years, is extremely precarious. Tibetans are seeing their rights to freedom of religion and belief, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly curtailed, and are living under growing pressure from the increasing exploitation of raw materials in Tibetan territory.

Oppression by the Chinese regime and the intensifying exploitation of raw materials in Tibet have driven thousands of Tibetans to flee in recent decades: with 7,500 members, the Tibetan exile community in Switzerland is the largest in Europe. Even here, Tibetans are feeling the influence of the Chinese regime – all the more since Switzerland and China signed a free trade agreement. This is also affecting the basic rights of Tibetans in Switzerland. Together with the exile community’s partner organisations, the STP is working to ensure that these rights are protected, in both Tibet and Switzerland.

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