Hands off the Amazon! Campaign for indigenous communities

The village Demini is home for many Yanomami.
More than half of the intact Amazon is located either in nature reserves or in indigenous territories.
The Amazon is the biggest rainforest in the world.
The village Demini is home for many Yanomami.
Tupinambá children.
Indigenous Tupinambá in the village of São Francisco in the Brazilian Amazon region.
Yanomami preparing to go fishing.
Yanomami children help with fishing.
Around 900,000 indigenous people currently live in the Brazilian part of the Amazon.
Zerstörung des Amazonas
Gold mining is causing major environmental damage in the entire Amazon region. ©Daniel Schweizer
Soy field in the Brazilian Amazon. ©Shutterstock
Forest destruction for a mine. ©Shutterstock
In April 2019, thousands of indigenous people demonstrated in Brasilia for their rights and the environment.
Video: Land rights for the Tupinambá

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