Repression in Russia - supporting indigenous activists

Indigenous communities are under increasing pressure from the Russian government to leave their territories to make way for the mining of raw materials. Since the beginning of the war, critical voices are tolerated even less and activists are threatened, harassed, persecuted and even imprisoned if they stand up for their rights.

Mann vor Herde Rentiere Mann vor Herde Rentiere

Indigenous activists have been defying the Russian government for a long time, standing up for their rights and defending their land from destructive mining of natural resources by private companies. However, since the start of Russia's invasion war on Ukraine, the situation has worsened drastically. Freedom of expression is so severely restricted that it is now life-threatening for indigenous communities to defend their rights.


Portrait of the indigenous human rights activist Yana Tannagasheva

«People are afraid to speak out, they are afraid for their families, even if they only speak on Zoom.»

  • Yana Tannagasheva, well-known indigenous human rights activist from Russia. Even in Switzerland, during a UN session in Geneva, she was confronted with threats and harassment from a representative of the Russian mission (STP reported)

Every support matters

At the same time, international aid organisations are withdrawing - the risks have become to big. The STP is one of the last NGOs that still has direct contact with activists on the ground. We are monitoring the human rights situation in the Russian Arctic, going public where possible and helping to strengthen independent indigenous organisations in Russia and in exile.

Our partner organisations now need all the support they can get. Despite their courageous efforts, the protection of human rights is sapping the strength of our partners.

In order to be able to organise themselves and focus their energy on the important elements of their work, they now urgently need financial support: so that networking, security training, capacity and resource building, connections with international Indigenous networks and support mechanisms such as the UN can take place.

Your donation will go to one of the most important and last remaining independent Indigenous organisations in Russia, as well as to a network of committed Indigenous activists on the ground, whose names and affiliations we are forced to keep secret for security reasons.

Your solidarity is needed so that indigenous communities can effectively defend themselves against the oppression of the Russian government in the long term.

Every donation counts - thank you very much for your help. 

No matter how big or small, your donation is valuable. Thank you very much!

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